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Club History
Several years ago, circa 1996, two auto racing enthusiasts, one with a turbocharged MKIII Supra, and the other with a turbocharged Eclipse GS-T, happened to cruise next to each other on one of the many populated streets of Gainesville. The two drivers took note of each other's vehicle, and identified some key features, such as the custom exhausts, wheels, and gauges that were unique to each car. Paul Estevez drove the Eclipse; he was an outgoing accounting student at the University of Florida at the time. Anil Matura, a student of engineering at the same school, drove the Supra. A quick bout of "active driving" ensued, and the two pulled over to talk. Greetings, car insurance and automotive performance topped their list of dialogue. It became clear that these two individuals had a similar vehicular interest. They made a simple decision: to meet once a week with their cars, and invite various other friends/racers from school and local automotive performance/stereo employees to gather alongside them.

So began the Club 'International Motorsports', a weekly gathering of sports car aficionados, or more simply "car nuts". These people are involved in auto "performance" and "customization"; the backyard hobby and home garage mechanic types, or simply the technically minded sports car dreamers, who spend hours gathering information on the latest and craziest modifications one can do to their prized possession: their car. All in the name of speed, power, looks, handling, or customization. Suffice it to say, 1996 was relatively early in the history of the recent "car craze" explosion that has occurred in the last 3 years. These 'Motorsports' club members were the first of their kind to actively promote and seek out different forms of racing and car modification in the Gainesville & North Florida area.

Over the years, the club grew at an astounding rate. A weekly bystander could see practically every make and model vehicle being displayed, with their owners alongside, many of whom were ready and willing to answer questions about his/her car and its special set of modifications. Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Nissan, Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Mazda, Chrysler, and Volkswagon are just some of the makes of cars one could see on any given meeting night.

When the club officially became a University of Florida Sports Club in 1998, Paul and Anil, along with other core members Bryan Wever, Bernd Liesenfeld, and Savitar Charudattan were appointed to lead the club as UF's official "Motorsport Club". Presidents were elected as former leaders graduated and could no longer technically hold the position. After Paul and Anil relinquished their brainchild to others, Club Presidents came in to handle the UF relations. Bryan Wever, Brad Burns, Patrick Veltri, Brian Davis, Jon Schwimmer, Geoff Aiken and John Hulvey held the ranks over the semesters.

But at the heart of International Motorsports, are its members. Various individuals, from multiple backgrounds, gender, age, marital status, and cultures gather every Thursday night at 10 o'clock. These members adhere to 2 age-old rules that still stand today:

  1. You must have some kind of automotive interest; the platform or specifics of the interest do not matter.
  2. You must be a good and decent person.
These commandments have brought forth racers and car nuts alike, with the most interesting, most skilled, and most genuine characters to the club where friendship and camaraderie have established themselves among the core members.

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